Automation testing is traditionally known for reducing the effort of manual work, companies wanted
to reduce the cost of testing by automating manual test. Now software has become more n more
complex and in the world of Agile Software development rapid/frequent release is the norm, so how
can we ensure that the releasing product has not major bugs. Well continuous testing is the answer.
Continuous testing is a process of executing automated test cases in software delivery process to get
the feedback about the risks associated with software release as soon as possible. It is designed in
such a way that it correlates to user stories and can give set of pass/fail data. In order to release fast
we need to test alongside development. Continuous testing gives us confidence that at each stage,
we are looking good. Testing at each stage serves a different purpose, so we can get a holistic view
of the quality of the product.

July 25 @ 11:30
11:30 — 12:15 (45′)

Jay Sah