In the present environment, to succeed in the age of software and digital, enterprises need to mature their software delivery capability, enable business agility, and become continuous learning organizations. To enable these capabilities, enterprises would need to start by becoming Agile and adopt DevOps practices to trigger the shift. Automated testing is a technique that enables a DevOps culture in an enterprise and help software developers to create a safety net for their experimentations to learn about their products. Adopting such techniques makes teams more agile and obtains feedback on produced software sooner, rather than later. Further automated testing enables us to generate better quality software products and provides engineering productivity for the whole team. In this presentation, the speaker would define the various types of automated testing approaches that an enterprise could adopt. Further, the speaker will demonstrate how automated testing integrates into a DevOps mindset, culture, and CI/CD pipeline and benefit a software development team to be more agile. Finally, the author would provide pragmatic recommendations an enterprise could consider in adopting and championing these concepts into daily execution, such as various tools, processes, people, and governance.

September 10 @ 10:50
10:50 — 11:30 (40′)

DR. Dilhan Manawadu