Being Agile and DevOps
Agile can be described as producing a continuous stream of value , at a sustainable pace , while adapting to the changing needs of the business. DevOps brought in a culture of continuous integration and deployment , but Testing really is the heart of DevOps.

How Test Automation fits with Agile and DevOps
Integration of Automation into the DevOps Processes and Agile Methodology has actually given birth to a term called Continuous Testing.
Though DevOps have given us the benefits of continuous integration and delivery but Test Automation is a key factor in succeeding, getting these small frequent changes deployed to production.

Why teams should integrate automated tests into DevOps and Agile
1. Reduced Costs
2. Shortened Testing Cycles
3. Early and continuous feedback

How to Achieve it
1. Setting up an effective Pipeline
2. Test Automation Strategy
3. Learning in Production
4. Whole Team Approach
DevOps is the future of Software Delivery Models , so we must gear up to drive the change and make the transformation a successful DevTestOps!

April 29 @ 11:00
11:00 — 11:50 (50′)

Gunjan Arora