We today have gone miles ahead in thoughts and implementation from our erstwhile Waterfall to Agile and its methodologies around Scrum, Kanban and around frameworks like SAFE. To deliver in true Agile we need to double quicken the overall SDLC process, to deliver in those 2 weeks sprints we need the aid of Dev Ops. The recent 12th annual State of Agile Report has an interesting statistic around quality. 46% of the user taking the survey have said to adopt Agile to increase software quality and 75% of the users have Unit Test (and therefore automation of the same) as an engineering practice they adopt. Will all these improvements, we at times have been hearing around the feature teams questioning the inability of testing teams to scale up on Dev Ops and test out things faster. But then in true Agile teams, do we have a tester? That said, what are the avenues we as feature teams, need to holistically look at, to ensure we test and automate in each phase of the SDLC? The need being to improve speed and quality, reduce time and cost? What comes to mind is automation and testing interventions not just during testing phase but right thru requirement planning to code to builds to package to deployment across environments and to finally have proactive monitoring in place. Within pure play testing as well we need to look beyond UI and focus more at Unit and Web services Levels which would help us save time finally at the SIT and UI phases of testing. This presentation will cover my view point around how automation can be institutionalized around each of these Agile Dev phases and not just test automation. That we now need to look at this from a feature team perspective with a common goal and not a Developer or a Tester or an Ops guy.

April 26 @ 09:45
09:45 — 10:30 (45′)

Ketan Joshi