Part of the Techemy Group, Techemy Capital is an investment company specialising in sourcing, analysing, investing in and managing Digital Assets. Part of the Techemy group, Techemy Capital invests across the full blockchain’s distributed ledger (DLT) and cryptocurrency ecosystem, including private-sale stage Initial Coin Offerings (ICO’s). Techemy’s vision is based on the thesis that digital assets are the new superclass of assets, which will underpin the era of the Internet of Value – the next evolution phase of the Internet, where all physical value will be expressed in digital form, allowing anyone to have the ability to control and monetise their data, and enabling everyone to participate and have a stake in investment markets via fractional ownership. Techemy Capital’s role in bridging the legacy world with the new financial order of blockchain is to help this new asset class to mature and reach adoption. Techemy Capital aims to drive integration of digital assets into the capital markets by helping them become institutionalised and by facilitating the move of capital, money and value into the crypto world. In addition to Techemy Capital, the Techemy Group has stakes in the following companies: – – a crypto data and market insight company (with clients like Amazon Alexa and Thomas Reuters) – – a New Zealand based fiat to crypto exchange – BlockchainLabs.NZ – a smart contract audit and development house – – an identity solution for enterprise and consumer markets With the scale of our outreach, we can offer a expert opinion on a number of topics in this space.

October 31 @ 13:15
13:15 — 14:00 (45′)

Donn Krassiyenko