Today’s talent market is the tightest of all-time, with dozens of opportunities available for talented IT and QA professionals. Hiring managers are struggling to find the right people for their teams, but perhaps they just aren’t looking in the right places, or convincing talented candidates as well as they could? tap|QA’s Kirk Walton will explain the processes to help managers “think like a recruiter” when it comes to interviewing, and selling, potential prospects for their organization. Building the “Best Team For You” could require you to discover candidates you might not otherwise think about but who may well turn out to be all-stars. Become the “go-to” company that great candidates can’t say no to! Session Takeaways: During this session you will learn the 7 “Killer” interview questions you need to ask to help uncover these potential stars. Kirk will describe “market mindshift”, that candidates are also interviewing you so you must “Think Like a Recruiter” to attract the “perfect fit candidate” to your organization! Finally, Kirk will describe how once you have a great team, what the best practices are for retaining top talent in the hottest IT market in history.

October 4 @ 13:25
13:25 — 14:10 (45′)

Kirk Walton