As per Gartner, ‘by the year 2021, at least 1/3rd of organizations will have deployed a multitudinous-experience development platform for supporting web, conversational, mobile, and augmented reality development.’

With the enhancement of microservice architecture on the web as well as software development, the usage of application programming interfaces (APIs) is mounting every day. APIs are being utilized in almost every component. To keep this procedure highly effective, automated testing on the API and Service level are increasing.

In this topic; will showcase and talk about – what’s the need for Microservice test automation, how it can be implemented with latest toolset (example with C# /Nunit/ HTTP client library), how easily it can be integrated with CICD using Docker.
Also, will discuss on how this same toolset can be extended further for AB System testing and the advantages of AB testing especially for Monolith to Microservice migration.

April 29 @ 09:50
09:50 — 10:40 (50′)

Pavithra Navaneeth