In a software testing environment, people play plenty of roles in a project where they will lead others. One problem: most don’t have any authority over anyone. It is challenging to be held responsible for a team’s success, yet the team doesn’t have to listen to it because they have a manager they report to. The dialogue will explore the subtle yet powerful art of leadership without explicit titles or hierarchical power. Explore how influence becomes the driving force, shaping decisions, inspiring action, and guiding teams toward success. Understand how empowerment, rooted in trust, can create a positive and engaged work culture. We will work through the balance between providing guidance and allowing autonomy an essential aspect of today’s leadership.

Time spent here will challenge the traditional notions of leadership. Realize that impactful leadership is about more than titles and formal authority. We will focus on influence, impact, and the ability to inspire positive change using real-life examples, group dialogue and self-reflection.
Leadership without authority is not just a skill but a survival tool. Gain insights into the future of leadership and position yourself to thrive in your career, as this tool can even be used in a leadership role with direct reports.

This thought-provoking session will go beyond the ordinary, sparking inspiration and equipping you with actionable strategies that will lead to success for everyone.

May 29 @ 15:30
15:30 — 16:15 (45′)

Jeremy Berriault