Organizations are well aware that the key to influencing a customer or prospect is to reach them at the right time in their purchase journey. Multi-channel marketing powered by a single, organized, integrated view of consumers empowers companies to perform successful data-driven marketing.
To provide customers and prospects with personalized, relevant, and timely interactions, marketers must have actionable marketing data. Actionable data means your data is always Trustworthy, Accessible, Fresh & Integrated (TAFI). Without actionable data, organizations do not have the foundation necessary to perform data-driven marketing.
The myriad of marketing systems utilized by companies to perform cross-channel marketing is only as good as the data being leveraged by a given system. Data-driven marketing starts with data, not software.
With actionable marketing data, developing a customer marketing view, and ensuring your marketing ideas are actionable is within reach. Also, data in marketing provides marketers with a fully integrated, reliable, 360-degree view of the customer that empowers their data-driven marketing initiatives. Coupled with a database, marketing data can be designed to provide various systems and platforms with actionable, integrated data to send personalized, relevant, and timely interactions throughout the consumer’s purchase journey.
A fully integrated data-driven database solution provides marketers the ability to gather additional information on their customers and prospects that drives campaign response rates, sales, and ROI. Data-driven marketing starts with data, not software.

February 21 @ 15:00
15:00 — 15:45 (45′)

Maryam Khalili