Forget about B2B and B2C buyers – it’s all about B2H (Business To Human) and a demand for a personal, fast and relevant user experience at every touch point in their buyer journey. In this session, Tony demonstrate how creative strategy, user experience and real-time data combine to deliver a sales and marketing experience prospects and customers love. Key takeaways include: • How technology like chatbots are blurring the line between marketing and sales • A single marketing offer that delivered a greater than 40% conversion rate and saw monthly leads triple (an increase of 150%) • The Marketing Funnel is dead – long live the Flywheel • How consumers really buy and how to effectively engage across all four stages • Key social and SEO trends you really only need to care about • Building your tech-stack to automate the whole thing! An example PRESENTATION VIDEO – 20 min Keynote for FOUNDX, Crowe Horwath

May 29 @ 15:00
15:00 — 15:45 (45′)

Tony Eades