Test automation has become a basic requirement in software product development rather than a luxury, but how does quality scale? With multiple applications, continuous development, and 250+ deployments per week, delivering quality takes more. Quality professionals must become quality advocates and coaches who help equip their entire teams of developers, designers and product leads to build high-quality products from start to finish. This talk will include tips for infusing quality throughout your teams and a live demo using Cucumber and Ruby that shows how behavior driven development fits into the continuous integration world by injecting quality at every stage of software development lifecycle right from planning, coding to finally, testing! And while we’re at it, did anyone say only testers read/write test code or only developers read/write application code? Those days are (should be) history.

September 3 @ 13:15
13:15 — 14:00 (45′)

Jayshree Bhakta