In today’s Digital world, the need for differentiated customer experience and rapid innovation have triggered evolution of new architectural models. Organizations are migrating from monolithic architecture to microservice based models to reap the benefits of rapid deployments, higher stability and reduced risk. There is a tectonic shift in the way software is designed moving towards new patterns like GraphQL, Event driven architecture (EDA), etc. Traditional test frameworks have limitations in supporting these new architecture models. Testing frameworks need to support parallel development and continuous changes to applications. Reliance on E2E integration tests would prove too risky for deployments. The need of the hour is to have extreme shift left strategies focusing on component and contract tests to address business logic testing and system integration testing earlier in product development cycle. This can be achieved with open source solutions. Microservice tests can be orchestrated with cloud based models offering on-demand environment availability. Shifting from UI based tests to microservice validations would also require a change in mindset of QA teams. To help in this transformation journey, we will also review some of the key challenges and learnings to scale up your team in this new model.

October 1 @ 09:00
09:00 — 09:45 (45′)

Venkatesh Venkataraman