Integrated automated testing – Devops and Agile: – Imagine a delivery pipeline where there is no manual or human effort between code check in from developer and deploying that code to end customer. No Release management, No manual bug verification, No Late feedbacks just a predictable time line by when your code is going to hit the customer. Sounds like a dream but this is what the power of Automation and DevOps is, In the times of digital transformation and invasion of services through apps on hand held devices, adopting to speed, innovation and delivery is the key challenge, Automation of anything and everything which is predictable is need of the hour. Automation of tests, Automation of Releases, Automation of configurations, Automation of deployments – No matter you are web bases, mobile bases or faceless app. No matter you are Agile, Lean, Kanban or just DevOps, so now that why is addressed lets talk about where do we start and how. Mobility Assurance through Automation: When the mobiles were not having apps, we were still in the age of internet and websites, we could do all we do today on apps on websites then BUT we never had so many OS versions, we never had so many hardware configs (of phones today), our apps were running on browsers are they were not getting minimised of crashed when we got a call in between. the permutation and combination of fundamental mind map of Mobile Application Usability Testing is huge. but once you have it automation is the way to go. Appium, Android studio, Rest Assured (API), Components tests, integrations and on the fly smokes on device farms, the complex world of mobile test automation is eventually should be looked as a well organised matrix of all possibilities plugged in with right coverage and automation efforts, once you get the hang of it its not the nightmare you thought it would be.

April 26 @ 15:00
15:00 — 15:45 (45′)

Gaurav Mahajan