Agile Test Boards: A Window into the Soul of Your Team Most people think of their Agile Boards as just a tool to keep track of progress – a snapshot of the day-to-day – but what if it was really a snapshot of the health of your team, of your processes (for better or for worse) and possibly your team’s relationship with other teams. By looking at your Board (or boards) you can analyze 1. How well you pay attention to the most important items. Are your handoffs between team members defined and working smoothly? 2. How well you have captured the reality of your team’s processes. How well are they working? If you manage one or multiple boards, are they overloaded or are they creating confusion? 3. If cards have to transfer between boards, are they getting lost or is the process smooth? Does the relationship between boards reflect the relationship between board owners? A quick analysis of your board setups and workflow can lead to insights into what may be holding your Agile team back.

August 31 @ 16:30
16:30 — 17:15 (45′)

Matthew Moore