Today’s tech world needs “Quality & Velocity. For QA, this means avoiding human intervention wherever possible, reducing costs, increasing quality, and achieving better time to market. This maps perfectly to the top objectives of QA and testing, “to reduce software defects before go-live” and “to contribute to business growth and business outcomes.” Multilingual Automation Testing: Almost all websites In UAE supports English and Arabic as languages, thus arises the need for multilingual automation testing. Application Testing: We have achieved it using the hybrid framework in selenium. Test Cases contain two sets of data, for EN and AR respectively. Also, objects are being identified unique ids and extensive XPath/CSS selectors in caseids are unavailable. Test data is set as such same test case can be executed for both the languages. Same framework is utilized for mobile automation using Appium and emulators. Also, automation reporting is a key aspect. We have integrated selenium with TestLink & Jenkins, so once test execution finishes in Jenkins, its status is updated in TestLink which can be used to extract all sort of test reports. Extensive reporting is being done using ExtentReports. Test cases creation is a time taking task. We have simplified this process by using hybrid framework in integration with TestLink. It has eliminated the manual test case creation process. Microservice Testing: With UI changes happening regularly due to frequent release, API testing Is the need of hour. Testing APIs manually is cumbersome and time consuming. We have automated API testing in Java using rest assured framework and integrated it with Jenkins. All APIs support EN and AR as locale. Also, we use third-party API monitoring solutions like RunScope and integrated it with Slack & Pager Duty. Service mocks are being created for third-party integrations where the test environment is not available.

December 18 @ 10:45
10:45 — 11:30 (45′)

Priyanka Agrawal