Vincent will perform a live programming demo using Postman. He will show you how you can re-use code with a code library, and will then dive into a new idea: The “Postman Object Model”. The POM creates a code library with javascript classes that persist data as Postman variables. The class objects can then be used throughout your scripts. This helps to seriously reduce the number of times you have to call pm.globals.get() and .set(). Instead you can use standard javascript object references in your scripts. The POM uses abstraction to hide the data persistence inside the class, and using a proper class allows you to create getters and setters for automatic validation checks, as well as create any other helper routines.
For example: you can use a POM can to remember user session variables, like an authentication token, the user’s details, a list of the user’s accounts (eg. for a mobile banking app). If you didn’t use a POM you would be storing the values in individual Postman variables, each with a unique, probably long or cryptic, name. This can really bloat the number of entries stored in the Postman variables, and managing a long list of Postman variables can easily get problematic.
If time allows, Vincent will also show how to use a POM to orchestrate request execution flows. Dynamically selecting the next request to call, based on the response you’ve just received, and a generalised feature scenario.

November 7 @ 11:30
11:30 — 12:15 (45′)

Vincent Dirks