In this talk, Lokesh will be sharing a case study on how automation engineering was implemented at one of the leading banks. He will take us through the success story, challenges, and failures the team had to go through during this implementation. He will be talking about a wide range of topics such as Web/Mobile/API applications and how the implementation for automation worked across these.

In this implementation, Lokesh mostly used open-source automation tools such as Webdriver IO, Karate, and Gatling, which will help set up the context for someone willing to apply this case study within their team and organization.

He will also be touching on Cloud-based testing, POM, BDD approach, and Visual UI automation testing. Overall, one would hear the real-time examples, providing insights across various automation tools, frameworks, technologies, and applications.

April 29 @ 11:50
11:50 — 12:40 (50′)

Lokesh Gangaiah