In this era of Agile and DevOps, code is delivered at an ever increasing pace. Are our applications less complex than before? Is less testing required? No, the environment our code is deployed in is more heterogeneous than ever and the applications are built in ever more complex ways in order to scale to meet the needs of the business. Within the ever tightening time constraints we work under, testing, and especially automated testing, has never been more important. We need to become craftsmen, like the master swordsmith, who folded and layered steel to create swords that were hard, held their edge, and were not brittle. For his clients, quality was literally life and death! In this session, we’ll discuss combining fault models and risk-based testing with domain analysis to create a solid core, and around it we’ll layer various techniques to forge test cases that are more likely to expose faults in our application.

April 29 @ 09:55
09:55 — 10:35 (40′)

Philip Daye