Exploratory Testing is a common and effective method of studying an application and finding bugs (and a lot of fun!). Still, it suffers from misconceptions, can be hard to do effectively, and is even harder to teach. At worst, it reverts away from the fun and mindful, focused discovery to either mindless ad-hoc testing or loose checking of requirements and thus loses its power. This talk and demonstration will tackle the main misconceptions of exploratory testing, provide tools to enhance your skills, and focus on ways to train others to take a more “exploration” approach to their testing – culminating with a fun, mob-test style structured exploratory test participation of a VR environment. The kind of thing that puts the “fun” and “explore” back into Exploratory Testing!

Takeaways from the talk:

  • An understanding of the main misconceptions about exploratory testing and the truth behind them.
  • How to structure, execute and record your tests using SBTM
  • An understanding of test heuristics and how they can help
  • Some “mob” exploratory testing experience of a VR app

May 19 @ 11:30
11:30 — 12:15 (45′)

Paul Maxwell-Walters