The challenge now days is not about the cloud , saas, paas or  any other platform of cloud service, but how all of them and many more are integrating within a smart city concept. Many of the worldwide cities claim to be “smart cities” but the concept of smart cities has many points of view. And the biggest question, is how the QA and Automation engineers are involved in the smart city concept.

When we look at smart city, we look at IoT, we look at IIoT, we look at autonomous cars, integration between the end users to the city service, smart transportation. Which area will grow within the focus on the test, which area will decrease. Will there still be manual tester in the era of smart cities or it’s all going to be automatic ? many questions are raised and many of them are analyzed and shared within interesting collection of answers. The cloud services are part of the smart cities, how do we test the citizen privacy ? what is a smart city without a smart citizen ? how do we test and customize the “smart city” to end user, the citizen and how do we test him.

November 27 @ 14:45
14:45 — 15:30 (45′)