In this session, Dinesh will take about the application of machine learning to software testing as well as a strategy to test machine learning applications. * AI in Testing & Testing the AI – Sharing my recent experience of both Part 1: AI in Testing * Applicability of Machine Learning to testing – Does it really make sense? * Problems that can potentially be solved by AI/ML * Tailored solution or Off-The-Shelf? * Feasibility check – Will AI/ML can really improve my testing? * How to avoid pitfalls? * Do’s and Don’t’s * Next steps Part 2: Testing the AI * AI/ML Lifecycle * How to measure risk? and how testing can help minimize it * Going beyond Train-Test-Validate * How much of the AI/ML application can be tested * Need for a comprehensive AI-centric test strategy * What additional skills are needed for testing AI/ML * What tools I can use for testing AI/ML * Next steps

August 28 @ 14:45
14:45 — 15:30 (45′)

Dinesh Velhal