Until now, to get the power and flexibility to test in-depth you had to go with frameworks. But they were opaque to those who defined strategies (the Management) and limited the chance to enable testers to do their best.

Today, with “codeless” technologies that act more like code, not only do you go faster, better & wider, you can do what you did before, but everyone now has visibility, regardless if they know “Code”.

Come get a global view on how codeless has come of age, taking you into the “Goldilocks zone” to let all testers get back to what they do best – assuring quality.

Takeaways from the topic:

Attendees will learn how codeless technologies have evolved in the last few years utilizing AI/ML, and predictive analytics, but also access to natural language commands that cover a wider array of capabilities that were previously only addressed by coded frameworks. See how to augment what is currently being done with codeless QA tech to increase speed, scale, and reduce cost per test, while making automated testing more open to all.

September 20 @ 16:30
16:30 — 17:00 (30′)

James Bent