Maintenance is the biggest challenge every Automation Architect must learn to manage on a daily basis. Small updates in a few XPath or CSS locator properties are just part of the job.

Now imagine this scenario: The latest application release has a new underlying architecture and 50 Link elements become Input classes. Each element had at least four code references distributed in over 100 test cases. Only the login test is working!

The client is accustomed to getting test results in two hours. Historical maintenance time has been an hour. How could we say the maintenance time to resolve 400 element references would take two days?

The solution, which we will discuss and demonstrate in this session, was to implement Dynamic Class Switching. If the Link does not exist, create a dynamic Input element on the fly. 48 hours of maintenance reduced to two hours!

Then we asked: Could this new Magic Object Model design pattern be extended to Natural Language Processing? Could Selenium and Java parse “Click the ‘Add to Cart Button” into code to further reduce test creation time? Could email be validated without code? Join us to learn the secrets of coding in plain English!

July 8 @ 10:00
10:00 — 10:40 (40′)

Paul Grossman