Service Virtualization and Challenges As we fly into the world of micro-services and agile methodologies at rocket speed the requirement for shedding weight along teams and processes is inevitable. Service virtualization is one of the ways of losing some weight. Yes! You read that right lose weight so the rocket can reach its maximum velocity, I am talking about some exercises and routines allowing faster development and testing cycles in addition to reliable quality in the field of applications development. Though, this has been a buzz word for the last couple of years in the Agile world no easy guide that talks in detail about Why & How of service virtualization. Why service virtualization? It is the need of the moment, to keep the wheels running faster. Software development is moving to cloud, and micro-services infrastructure is gaining popularity, as these changes are being adopted by businesses the developers and testers are finding it hard to ship reliable component as there are too many moving pieces. With developers and tester wanting to test their changing integrations, there came a need for improvement in testing practices. This push shipping quality software for micro-services is the prelude that led to a focus on improved service virtualization. How service virtualization? As far as the how goes, given the past couple of years of working with building virtualization tools and services, scaling it to multiple services – I would like to share some tips and learnings from the process.

November 5 @ 10:45
10:45 — 11:30 (45′)

Chethana Krishnakumar