Automation is no longer a side initiative which supports manual testing. It has now become a mainstream and critical part of the release management. Also its now part of day to day CICD pipeline. Though its widely adapted concept to have automation as a part of CICD, in many cases automation in CICD become limited only to few sets of test cases mostly unit test cases and some part of functional test cases. The primary challenge is automating functional test cases at the large scale. If there are few test cases things are easy to manage however having multiple test cases across multiple functional areas becomes a challenge in automation. Though it’s a challenge it can be addressed if we take structured approach to automate test cases. The automation needs to be structured from creation, execution and maintenance perspective. I would be talking about how to make automation scalable in these three areas to save the manual testing effort and have better build stability during the release process.

April 26 @ 11:30
11:30 — 12:15 (45′)

Prashant Lambat