I will be covering the solutions for executing Test Automation in the Cloud, Scriptless testing (Testsigma), Unified Test Automation Platforms for Agile and DevOps Teams that include Continuous Testing, Web and Mobile Application Testing, In-Sprint test automation, back-end, and APIs.

I’ll be talking about the tools built by today’s industry leaders in their respective fields, such as BrowserStack, Saucelabs, CrossBrowserTesting, AWS device Farm as well as the alternative, low-cost options that a small start-up company can build on its own, including light-weight scripting with reusable components, free tools (Katalon Studio), as well as Open Source frameworks (JEST framework by Facebook, Cypress).

I’ll be diving into the key features of a solidly built testing framework that includes Minimal Manual Interference, increase productivity due to standardization, Module Based and Linear Testing Frameworks, Google EarlGrey, Cucumber, Appium, Gauge and more.

In addition, in my presentation, we will be talking about deployments, monitoring test executions, managing test environments, reports, and analytics, CD/CI.

March 3 @ 14:00
14:00 — 14:45 (45′)

Gregory Goldshteyn