In today’s modern world, software and big data analytics are everywhere and every company is working as fast as possible to meet the evolving needs of users. With speed comes the challenge of delivering quality in the time provided, unfortunately, we still find today that most development projects are struggling at their best and in many cases failing to deliver. The estimated cost of poor-quality software in the US is over $2 Trillion per year with technical debt alone estimated at more than $1.5 Trillion (CISQ The Cost of Poor Software Quality in the US: A 2022 Report).

In this session, we will cover how JAGGAER has started the journey in implementing a transformational change in how they develop software. The result is a paradigm shift from how they have worked for years and decades and in many cases, modifications left while shifting away from how many organizations develop software.

In this session, he will present his experiences in these areas:

  • The challenges and pitfalls that brought about the change.
  • Development of processes for the right reason and what ones are in progress.
  • How our workgroups help us develop and implement the change.
  • Applying best-in-practice approaches, methodologies, guidelines, and standards.
  • Working together across the organization and managing the change.
  • Implementing quality in every phase of development.
  • Selecting and implementing tools and solutions.
  • Establishment of the Quality Assistance Competency Center and its impact.
Takeaways from the talk:
  • Following this presentation, his goal is to share how implementing these changes where applicable can help your organization integrate quality improvements in your SDLC from idea inception to retirement.

October 17 @ 09:00
09:00 — 09:45 (45′)

Paul Kanaris