With Mergers & Acquisition, changes in technology continue to bring new opportunities as well as challenges to traditional data, data governance and data quality strategies. Today most of the organizations have begun to view data as critical asset but struggling to implement a comprehensive DQ program across the enterprise.

Main challenges involves around below three pillars.

This session explores three pillars to implement DQ to improve trust and confidence in data.

i Process
ii Technology
iii People

Improving the quality of data within an organization requires a wide range of skills, from the ability to conduct a detailed data analysis to the ability to influence organizational behavior. This session is expected to be useful to anyone who is just embarking on Data Governance project with a focus on data quality or is looking to take their implementation to the next level by leveraging industry best practices.

At a high level, significance of Metadata management & best practices will also be covered.

November 26 @ 09:00
09:00 — 09:45 (45′)

Shyamprabhu Jayaprakash