An introduction to QA Automation and is applicable to anyone who wants to understand why and when to use automation, wants to learn about the different types of automation, needs to learn about the best practices before starting any automation effort or has a general interest in learning more about the topic. This is what we expect people to walk out with:

• Be in a position to recognize opportunities where test automation could benefit the overall test strategy
• Be able to recognize when test automation is not being applied appropriately in a project situation
• Understand the strategic concepts related to test automation and the various approaches
• Understand how test automation fits into the overall test strategy and it relationship with manual testing
• Understand the tools landscape and purposes and uses of various common test automation tools and technologies
• Be able to recognize common pitfalls, and apply keys to success
• Be able to answer the “why” and “when” questions with regard to test automation
• Use this introduction as a launching pad should they want to move deeper and develop the actual hands-on capability

The talk cover topics such as:

• How to identify the need for automation
• What to Automate. Where to start, how to build your test automation portfolio (UI, API and Unit)
• What not to automate, where to draw the line
• How to tie in your automation work to your all other testing activities within a sprint.
• How to integrate your automation to the CI/ CD (DevOps) process
• How to monitor results and report on test automation metrics.

August 23 @ 09:45
09:45 — 10:30 (45′)

Sanjeev Tittai