I have often been asked by QA Engineers, what is the best thing for QA to do on the first day of newsprint? Some common answers may be to finish up test automation from the last sprint or to review requirements. Unfortunately, those answers don’t help resolve the root concern, “what should I do while I wait for development to finish writing code?” I build QA teams that don’t wait because there is no reason to wait. Testing in parallel as development codes creates shorter feedback loops, a better understanding of the feature, builds greater trust, creates an opportunity to make the code more testable, and strengthens the team. I will be discussing this process and how QA engineers can better work with developers to test early and test often and achieve these results, so when a developer finishes writing code, you already know it works.

September 17 @ 11:40
11:40 — 12:20 (40′)

Wes Mallett