Quality Assurance (QA) and Quality Control (QC) are 2 very important topics for any product and for any industry.
Software Quality Assurance is a necessary step for launching a successful software product. I am promoting the idea that Software Quality Assurance is part of the project work and is the responsibility of the whole team.
Agile is a great platform for managing all the complex aspects of software development. In the transition from waterfall to agile, all of us have faced many issues related to quality assurance.
The SDLC methodology is a structured process that splits each aspect of software development into different phases. In an Agile Software Development Life Cycle, the team can jump back and forth between SDLC phases. That’s why we should define the process for Software Quality Assurance in order to be sure that, in the end, we will deliver a quality product.
The agile practitioners have also claimed that the use of the agile approach has greatly improved the quality of their products.
I will analyze these issues in order to better understand the relation between Software Quality Assurance and the Agile environment.
I will try to provide directions towards future integrations of Quality Assurance aspects within Agile development practices. I would also like to highlight that Software Quality Assurances is not only testing.

November 27 @ 12:30
12:30 — 13:10 (40′)

Monica Chis