Frequent deployment to production of a complex cyber-security platform is a challenge my team and I learned a lot from. The agility required to push this process even further is a story worth sharing
In this lecture I will share from the many experiences and “hard lessons”, and how we grew a stable and top notch automated CI/CD process that allows us to deploy to production with confidence.

Our CI/CD journey is a multiple layered top-bottom journey that consists of what we wanted to accomplish and how we should rebuild our environments, processes and quality approach.

The journey consists, of rebuilding my team with the right balance of highly skilled “full stack automation” developers with quality first attitude. High focus on early detection and high value to our main inside customers – our developer colleges. Reassess our whole automation strategy and rebuild what is broken while maintaining what works. Continues to retrospect our processes improvement while shifting left to reduce complexity and instability.

Example of a complex and exciting investigation of scale-longevity issue while demonstrating the great collaboration we have between our teams. We were able to pinpoint the root cause and prevent downtime to our customers. The takeaways are that by persistence and providing of value, we can build better products with higher quality to our customers, and that today quality advocates isn’t owned by a single owner but shared by all

November 30 @ 12:30
12:30 — 13:10 (40′)

Yoav Weiss