While cloud technologies have solved traditional challenges like lengthy procurement times, high initial costs, data center maintenance issues, etc, there are new challenges that need to be addressed with these new cloud technologies.

There are many challenges that we need to address with the cloud but here are few key challenges

1.Balancing the price and performance
2.Best auto-scaling configurations
3.Having proper throttle to protect down-streams

Performance Testing tools can simulate the workload expected on our IT systems using virtual users so that we can measure our system performance and can tune the performance issues if there are any. We can also figure out the required optimal configurations for our application so that our IT systems can perform at their best.

In this talk, we will discuss few key areas that we need to focus on when doing performance testing for applications hosted on AWS cloud and we will also discuss few best practices for Key AWS services like ECS, Kinesis, Lambda, DynamoDB.

July 8 @ 12:30
12:30 — 13:10 (40′)

Nagaraju Dorasala Subbaraidu