DevOps and Agile are not just the new ‘fancy’ term in the IT Industry, they fill the ‘Gap’ between Customer & Development Team and Development Team & IT Infrastructure. It helps with long term cost-saving, low-risk, and ease of life too.
Automation Testing has to go hand-in-hand with Development, and that means ‘test often’ and ‘test everywhere’, Integrating Automation Testing into DevOps makes it possible.

With Agile techniques, it becomes easier to detect bugs earlier in the cycle, which allows developers to fix bugs quickly. But testing in the later stages of software development often requires repeated tests for specific scenarios.
Apart from above, there are various challenges associated with agile QA professionals which can only be encountered with automation testing, as agile development is based on integration and continuous analysis of the software product that you are building.
Automation testing benefits agile development in multiple ways, such as it provides speed, performance, reliability, programmability, reusability, and much more.

June 4 @ 10:50
10:50 — 11:30 (40′)

Sanjay Verma