The topic will cover NDIA’s approach to conducting software test automation using DB Fit, TAC (Test Automation Component suite of tools for Teradata), SAS, SAP CRM, Python, Selenium WebDriver.
We’ll share our experience of using Selenium WebDriver for data quality checks against SAP CRM, ETL testing with DB Fit, and how we’re doing test automation for SAS with Python+SasPy+Behave.

Automation Achievements.
The arrangement is Andy will be talking more about technical aspects of test automation while I’ll be covering the following:
* About the NDIS and OSA
* Justification of the test automation need at NDIS:
* Addressing a challenge of testing huge volumes of data
* ETL testing challenges (data quality issues in PROD)
* Time and human resource limitations for manual BMAP testing
* Using Selenium for fixing data quality issues

May 28 @ 11:40
11:40 — 12:20 (40′)

Andy Omelyanenko, Gil Furman