Situation: We need to build an Automation test setup whose test results can be viewed, analyzed, and re-executed by any team member other than the QA Automation team ( BA, Project Manager, NOC technician ). When there is an Automation test failure a non-automation test developer should be able to debug the test results and re-run the tests.
Approach to solve the situation:
We can develop the Selenium-based test automation framework, which runs the automation tests. And we can have a customized Web Application, which provides user-friendly access to our Automation tests, where any of the users accessing this web application can have to do the following tasks without any knowledge of test automation :
View of the latest test run results,
Run all the automation tests for a given project or even a single test within a given project
Also can have the ability to create basic automation tests.

August 27 @ 12:30
12:30 — 13:10 (40′)

Parag Gulwani