When the company is a startup, it’s simple to have test engineers implementing automated tests and improving the architecture, implementing testing frameworks, and realizing the testing work.

The scale-up phase is when a company is raising investment to fund their growth. It’s typically the quickest and most significant stage of growth and one that can bring the most challenges. The most part of Scale-Ups has achieved growth of 20% or more in either employment or turnover year on year for at least two years.

In this scenario, I’m going to present 2 models to Scale Quality and Testing around the team in a healthy way.

On the second model, we are going to see how to select and implement tools that can increase the team’s collaboration and can be integrated into the workflows, using GitHub actions, to increase knowledge around some kind of specific testing and make the developers be more involved on improving quality aspects from the web applications and microservices APIs.

December 2 @ 10:50
10:50 — 11:30 (40′)

Bárbara Cabral