In the past couple of years, we have witnessed a massive shift on how companies in the technology space develop their software products.The main shift being from waterfall to agile development methodology which changed the software delivery process i.e. structure of the teams, ways of working and emphasis on test automation just to mention a few. Having started my software testing career as a manual Tester, it was scary thought for me to now having to learn a new skill i.e. Test Automation, collaboration and changing my mindset on what testing was all about. This talk will focus on 5 key learnings on my personal journey from a manual tester to an agile tester where I found true freedom and joy.. Do’s and Don’ts Re-defining my role within the development team Pairing is a must Understanding where I fit in the test automation process Self development and motivation The aim of this talk is to give guidance to testers that are currently transitioning from being a manual tester to an agile tester with the focus being on test automation.

February 28 @ 10:45
10:45 — 11:30 (45′)

Mboneni Radebe