In the age of accelerating pace at which innovation, new technologies and products evolve, test automation needs to adapt to reduce business risk, improve product quality and operational efficiency. One way to advance testing in this space is to leverage on analytics, an approach for test-case optimization, improving code quality and test coverage. This reduces defects in product life cycle and helps to write productive automation tests and proritise testing tasks. Analytics tools like Pendo, Grafana and Sumologic can be used to take advantage of, in closing the feedback loop between the dev teams and the customers, by monitoring customer behaviour and collecting the metrics of the usage of different products. Using them for collecting the analytics on test suite help to increase the test coverage, optimize and align test automation to the products which are most utilised or needs attention. Not limiting at this, intelligent testing using analytics help in prioritizing the product backlog, bucketing the issues relating to maintenance and support into areas which needs most to least attention. Leveraging the analytics helps companies to strategize testing in an agile environment to be more comprehensive, focusing on improving the test coverage, optimizing effort and resources required for test automation in a multi technology industries.

November 7 @ 09:00
09:00 — 09:45 (45′)

Haritha Pidikiti