Test automation strategies can drive efficiency, in the SDLC, while expediting the time to verify and validate your product from one quality gate to the next. However, test automation strategies can also stagnate progress by incurring tech debt and swallowing up valuable team resources where refactoring and brittle tests can create bottlenecks and contribute to a misguided trajectory on the quality objectives. Furthermore, with refactoring and employee churn, there are opportunities and risks such as unreliable test results, test gaps, and loss of domain knowledge .. all of these are threats to the quality of the product.

This talk will address how the QE team can tackle these issues by focusing on empowering the quality team with understanding the taxonomy of test management, gaining a powerful, yet simple, foundation on test automation, and learning hands-on modeling and design patterns (testing and software) to level-up the team.

Takeaways from the topic:

  • Pitfalls that doom QE teams from advancing a successful automation strategy
  • Ensuring a forward approach to advancing your QE/QA team to initiate a sound automation strategy/design
  • Must-have skills/knowledge that every automation engineer should know – modeling, design patterns, and taxonomy of test management/results
  • Demonization/Examples of latest test frameworks (open source) leveraging modeling and design patterns (Cypress.io/Playwright, Python, Scripting, more)

September 23 @ 09:00
09:00 — 09:45 (45′)

Peter Kim