In this presentation, we will share our experiences developing a test automation product called “Friday” in the software field and how we approach the testing process as developers. We will discuss the significance of test automation, and the hurdles we faced, and aim to provide valuable insights to our industry peers.

Takeaways from the talk:

  • Test Automation’s Value: Test automation is crucial for software development, offering benefits like faster delivery, increased reliability, and cost savings.
  • Developer Involvement: Developers should actively engage in the testing process, understanding its significance and contributing to automation efforts.
  • Common Challenges: Recognize and address common challenges in test automation projects, such as maintenance, scalability, and cross-browser testing.
  • Best Practices: Implement best practices for successful test automation, emphasizing collaboration, clear communication, and early involvement.
  • Tool Selection: Carefully choose test automation tools and technologies that align with project requirements and ease the development process.
  • Future Trends: Stay informed about the evolving landscape of test automation and adapt to new technologies and methodologies.
  • Collaboration: Foster collaboration between developers and testing teams, promoting a shared understanding of testing objectives and requirements.
  • Continuous Learning: Prioritize ongoing education and training for developers to keep them updated on test automation best practices.
  • Real-World Examples: Learn from real-world project examples and success stories to apply similar strategies to your own projects.
  • Empowered Developers: Empower developers with the knowledge and tools needed to actively participate in test automation, improving overall software quality.

November 16 @ 14:15
14:15 — 15:00 (45′)

Alihan Acar, Berk Kibarer