Testing efforts are part of the journey to deliver business value for any piece of software. Determining how and why to optimize your tests can help bring more value to your project by maximizing your resources. Especially in agile delivery cycles, there is never enough time to test everything. How can you maximize your test coverage given the pressures of the customer and constraints provided by the timeline of delivery? By designing test plans that have more coverage with fewer tests. As test professionals, you are already making decisions on what to test and what to exclude. Through parameter-based testing, you can get insight into those decisions to make the best decisions on what in or out. You can also focus on the important part of your test plan: How do those parameters interact with each other to produce expected results. With the right insights, you can then prioritize key business objectives so that core customer needs are met. Save money and improve quality. This presentation can be tailored for business leaders to understand the test design process and know what questions to ask or it can be suited to work with individual professionals who want to get better and more efficient at their own testing.

October 4 @ 09:00
09:00 — 09:45 (45′)

Alex Bender