In fast paced Devops, testing is usually perceived as a bottleneck. Test management usually jump on selenium or sophisticated UI framework to solve the issue which increases maintenance cost and has less ROI. Following is the high level strategy or automation charter that needs to be planned to ensure automation is seamlessly weaved into Devops: >Focus on what needs to be automated – spend more time documenting high level customer use cases or business workflows. >Plan the automation work in the sprint rather than outside. Focus on backend (API) automation rather than UI. Ideally have 70/30 split between API and UI wherever possible. >Focus on using one framework/tool set for UI and API automation ( Like Rest Assured and Selenium). >Try to tie automation to documented scenarios. Automation metrics is key to Devops success. >Plan performance testing early and should be part of CI/CD pipeline. Monitoring API and environment performance at the start is critical. >Clearly define your smoke, functional and regression suite – and frequency to execute it. >Test automation is specialist job – have automation tester part of your scrum team.

October 23 @ 11:30
11:30 — 12:15 (45′)

Satej Mirpagar