There are a lot of concerns about how AI and machine learning could threaten the roles of testers and how things like Robotic Process Automation (RPA) may impact change a lot of the ways we need to test today. However, the truth is that RPA has been around for ages in various forms, and Machine Learning, if anything, has only opened up more opportunities for where software can fail and where testers can make a mark in ensuring the quality and ethical usage of their software.

In this talk, He will discuss the pros and cons of AI in how it affects software development and testing specifically both currently and in the future. Following this, He will present a series of opportunities and changes that we can make in altering our thinking to take advantage of these emerging technologies for our benefit.

Takeaways from the topic:

  • What is root cause analysis and why so you need it?
  • Strategies for successful RCA triage
  • Adequate mitigations for effort
  • Classifying root causes effectively
  • How reporting on RCA will lead to better decisions

May 26 @ 09:45
09:45 — 10:30 (45′)

Craig Risi