Description of the journey of the next-generation cloud team at IBM as we started as a new test team and built what we originally envisioned as The Ultimate Automated Test Machine. The phases we went through, starting by deploying new cloud infrastructure software from scratch and running tests by hand, to where we are today, executing over 140,000 tests a day, post processes failed test results, performing initial triage, automatically identifying an existing bug to duplicate to, or open a new bug, dynamically display results in real-time, all completely automated. How we started, how we made steady progress, where we are now, where we are going next.

Takeaways from the talk:

  • How to get started – the shared vision
  • How to make progress WHILE you are testing
  • What it is like to test a cloud – complexity and scale

May 10 @ 16:00
16:00 — 16:45 (45′)

Bill Goleman