Testing today’s Application – Test Automation Tools you can use Today the world goes towards technology and where ever we touch its technology. There are lots of applications in current generation. Testing has become the strength of present day’s applications. It’s the user perspective whether their application works. Why automation is needed: 1. Return of Investment (ROI). 2. 24/7 Running tests 3. Reduce human effort 4. Reusable 5. Find bugs early 6. Huge volume of tests as a result test coverage is more. 7. Regressive running etc. 8. Continuous Integration compatibility. 9. The scripts can be executed in different browsers, OS etc. There are lots of domains that has its own applications. Top domains 1. Finance 2. Banking 3. Marketing 4. Security 5. Healthcare etc.…. For the above domains we have different kinds of applications that needs testing. • Web-based • API and web services • Mobile app • Database etc. • Mobile apps Applications are developed in different language and how are we going to decide on testing them. – Are we going to de manually? – Yes till the application is stabilized. – Yes we need to automate at some point and that is what our discussion is all about. Approach when an organisation decides to automate its application: 1. Type of application 2. Technology used 3. Expertise they have 4. Expenditure. A though research based on the above areas has to be done. Everybody in the testing world know about the major testing carried out – Functional and Non-Functional. Any idea about the top tools used in New Zealand? Below are few: Functional Testing tool: 1. Selenium with C# or Java a. Web application testing b. Easy Add-on to C# or Java languages. 2. HP UFT a. Language Support – VBScript, JavaScript etc. b. Best object recognition technique. c. Error and exception handling. d. Integration with Quality Center. 3. Protractor. a. Protractor acts as an end-to-end testing framework for both Angular and non-Angular applications. 4. Test Complete a. GUI testing b. Language support – JavaScript, Python, VBScript, JScript, Delphi Script, C++Script & C# Script c. Scripted testing. API: 1. Postman 2. Soap UI 3. JMeter 4. Fiddler Performance/ Load: 1. HP Load Runner 2. JMeter Other Tools: 1. Rational Robot 2. Ranorex 3. Katalon Studio 4. Watir 5. TestingWhiz etc.

November 1 @ 10:45
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