Developing a delivery pipeline means more than just adding automated deploys to the development cycle. It’s about gaining confidence that your builds are viable candidates for release or production. To be successful, tests of all types must be incorporated throughout the process in order to be sure that problems aren’t slipping through. Most pipelines include unit tests, functional tests, and acceptance tests, but those aren’t always enough. I’ll present some types of testing you might not have considered, or at least might not have considered the importance of. Some tests will address code quality, others code security, and some the health and security of the pipeline itself. This talk is aimed at people that are trying to build confidence in their software delivery pipeline, whether it is automated or not. Gene will talk about the specific tools he uses to supplement his pipeline testing. He won’t get into how to use each tool– this is more of a series of teasers to encourage people to look into the tools, and even letting them know what types of tools and testing opportunities are out there.

April 10 @ 11:30
11:30 — 12:15 (45′)

Gene Gotimer