In the age of Digital Transformation and the “IoT” (Internet of Things), software consumers, customers and clientele, expect seamless connectivity and instant access, with very low or zero tolerance for inconsistent experience, the lack of innovative functionality, reliability, or any delay in operability between digital channels! These customer expectations with the ever-decreasing “Time-to-Market”, the demand for faster “Product-to-Market” and the increasing use of “SMAC” technologies (Social Media, Analytics and Cloud technologies), demands a competitive agility from Agile DevOps, without the compromise on software “Quality”, is fast-changing the manner to how IT Organisations need to respond to the business climate change of Digital Transformation! A necessary and vital component to the success of Agile DevOps in the Digital Transformation age is its Software Quality Assurance and Testing capability. Despite being administered through well organised TCoE s (Test Centers of Excellence), boasting increased levels of operational maturity through centralized structures and key process advancements and improvements, these “Traditional” TCoE‘s still lack the necessary efficiency, agility and responsiveness, required to effectively support Agile DevOps, and more so, meet the ever increasing demands, of “Digital Age” customer expectations. IT Organizations today, think agile testing, cost reduction, increased quality assurance and reduced development time; something the “Traditional” Test Centre of Excellence (TCoE) within its current state of QA Ops, has not been able to support or deliver on. In this workshop, we will discuss, learn and share various “Thought leadership” principles and “Industry Best Practices” which Software Quality Assurance and Testing teams should understand and adopt to remain successful in their efforts of transforming and implementing further advancement of a Test Centre of Excellence (TCoE) within their organisations. The workshop will encourage the discussion of different approaches whereby some shifting the traditional Test Centre of Excellence’s (TCoE) approach from being “Supply-side producer-led” to being “Consumer demand-driven”. Workshop agenda and discussions will be further tailored to specifically address the challenges faced by Software Quality Assurance in the age of Digital Transformation, hence also supporting the move of IT organisations to Agile DevOps. With this workshop approach, whilst introducing industrialised, innovative and agile testing practices, together with discussions into the “Thought Leadership” and “Industry Best Practice” learnings, we will discuss how to transform a traditional Test Centre of Excellence, into an Agile Test Centre of Excellence (ATCoE), whereby enabling the discipline of Software Quality Assurance and Testing to not only transform and optimise its own servicing capability, but to further have a significant impact beyond its operational boundaries, whereby creating a more collaborative “Agile Quality” orientated approach to the IT Organisation’s Application or Solutions Development Life-Cycle, as a whole! Agenda: Where is the traditional TCoE in its current testing capability and maturity? What are the reasons to why traditional TCoE’s are unable to support Agile DevOps? Why should traditional TCoE’s embrace the need to optimise its testing services capability and thus align with the evolution of testing maturity? How does the traditional TCoE achieve supporting Agile DevOps in the age of Digital Transformation? What are the benefits of an Agile Test Centre of Excellence (ATCoE)? Key Learnings for participants in this workshop: Know, understand and learn the principles behind the evolution of Testing maturity Learn various best practices to successfully implement further advancement of an established Test Centre of Excellence (TCoE) Understand and learn “Thought leadership” and “Industry Best Practice”, essential for structuring, implementing and operating an Agile testing services capability within an Agile Test Centre of excellence (ATCoE) Learnings within the workshop, will include a 15 min introduction demo to the TCoE-Next® TCOM (TCoE Capability Optimisation Model) Pre-requisites: A basic understanding of Agile development and testing practices and the functioning principles of a Test Centre of Excellence (TCoE)

February 28 @ 16:30
16:30 — 17:15 (45′)

Reginald Mudaly