Social media and the content that drives it has gone from fun distractions to necessary channels of communication. As a result, we are bombarded with lots of content and lots of noise. How do we as organizations and individuals, navigate this fast-paced and dynamic social media environment? How can we leverage social media content for our organizational objectives? How can we be heard above all the noise? How do we determine ROI? What are the best practices to ensure success with content marketing and social media? With the proper approach, individuals and organizations can find the right content for their target audiences, support their sales strategies, and drive both engagement and impact. This interactive session will examine the current social media and content marketing landscape, trends, and how to evaluate and manage your content marketing efforts in an efficient and scalable way. By sharing best practices and case examples, this session will provide the critical steps to establish and build your reputation as a resource for valuable, informative, and helpful content and support your sales and marketing efforts. By the end of this session you will: Have a deeper understanding of the current social media landscape, trends and more, specifically related to content Know how to evaluate content, manage content curation, and use content to engage prospective and current clients Understand best practices for establishing and building your personal brand and thought leadership

February 18 @ 09:00
09:00 — 09:45 (45′)

Andrew Jenkins