Creating value and opportunities, while building rapport with your customers through data What role does data play in your marketing? Today, marketing has become laser focused. We now have the ability to target potential customers and even existing customers with content, and lead them down the path to conversion. How can we do it, and be more successful at it? How many of us are utilizing data in their marketing strategy today? Everyone should be able to raise their hand, because if we’re at least collecting emails or recording information about our sales from past or current customers, you’re either utilizing data in our marketing or you’re collecting that data and not taking advantage of it. If you aren’t collecting data about your customers or prospects, you’re absolutely missing out on many valuable opportunities. Opportunities to generate leads, retain customers, convert customers and make sales. Now, if you are collecting data utilizing it in some way, the real question becomes, are you using that data in a successful way that yields tangible results? If you aren’t yielding results then something has to change. We’ll focus on three ways that every marketer can utilize data to build rapport, provide value and create opportunities to close the deal.

September 6 @ 11:30
11:30 — 12:15 (45′)

Rico Burnett